The Brain

This is the Hakim’s family, casual Wedding Corporate Photojournalists and Cinematographers, stemming from Georgia, USA.

With experience and expertise at finger tips and production houses & facilities in three countries, to support our team fuses the colors of nature with the beauty of the creations and turns them into digital art masterpieces with their fascination for photographs and films.

Experience of the 2nd Generation Directors coming along with the Creative Approach and Fashionable mindset of the 3rd Gen. Crew, Hakim’s Studio reflects the most advanced and journalistic approach to any event.
With our crew comprised of the Texas School of Professional Photographers and New York Film Academy Graduates, we see life in frames, where each frame shows a different story and generates a feeling. But, we are not limited to the lenses of the black box; We are the mind behind your Big Day.

*Hakim's are Available for Personal & Corporate Events World Wide*


* Vision – innovate what our friends in the market haven’t
* Passion – love what we do
* Photojournalism – sneak through the third eye to see the invisible
* Creativity – originate a NEW style Every time
* Imagination – the camera is our Magic Stick

"Our eye, your love; beauty rephrased"

Ice Breaking
We are as social as it can get and very client-oriented. Hence we prefer a Meet & Greet with every client, to discuss ideas and understand their event further for theĀ ‘Perfect Hit’.

Want to Schedule a Meet & Greet with us? Or Got any Queries?
Buzz; +1 (470) 331-9238, +1 (404) 884-4562
We prefer emails, so hit us up at mail@hakimsstudio.com